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enosiX Solutions

It’s What Everyone is Talking About!

360º View of Your Customers

View Real-time account and opportunity related SAP data from Salesforce in as little as a day!

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Read, create, and update SAP data from Salesforce Cloud Applications.

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Unify Salesforce CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration and stop replicating configurations and price books.

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Generate reports & dashboards with Real-time SAP & Salesforce Data ‘Mash-Ups’

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360º View of Your Customers

Unlock SAP Data and Business Process in a Day!

View data that resides in SAP from Salesforce Applications in real-time. No complex front-end coding, the use of middleware or traditional ETL tools. Our pre-built, Salesforce native solutions unlock on-demand access to customer information, order, quote and delivery data, SAP pricing, and more. Give sales and customer service the capability to tap into real-time SAP data and business process from Salesforce.

Access Account-related SAP data from Salesforce in Real-time

  • Company Code

  • Credit Information

  • SD Document Flow

  • Invoice Inquiry

  • Partner Data

  • Delivery Details

  • Sales Area

  • Order History Inquiry

  • Delivery Inquiry

  • Invoice Details

  • Quote History Inquiry


Bi-Directional Integration

Unleash the Power of Bi-Directional Process Integration with the Enterprise Edition
Read, Create, and Update SAP Data like:

  • Quotes

  • Contacts

  • Accounts

  • Orders

  • Credits/RMAs

And so much more….

  • Price opportunity line items without dual maintenance of SAP pricing in Salesforce.
  • Access advanced sales document search from anywhere with Sales or Service Cloud.
  • Quickly add additional, custom-mapped fields from SAP to your Salesforce instance including SAP Industry Solution fields.
  • Link SAP Materials with Salesforce Products.
  • Link SAP Customer with Salesforce Accounts.
  • Customize inquiry screens using Salesforce metadata defined presets.
  • Easily configure enosiX-delivered functionality via Salesforce Lightning App Builder.

CPQ Integration

Intelligent Salesforce CPQ and SAP Integration

Our fully automated, end-to-end integration ensures companies can unlock live SAP data without the need to re-create configurations and price books in Salesforce CPQ.

Complex SAP pricing rules and product configurations – including Variant Configurator – are leveraged from SAP in real-time. Your sales team and even external partner channels can create dynamic, accurate quotes based on the real-time SAP data. And these Salesforce Quotes can even be turned into SAP Orders in real-time directly from Salesforce.

Reporting Mash-Ups

Reporting Mash-Ups Made Easy!

Access live SAP data within Salesforce to create reporting and dashboard “mash-ups.”

Unlock real-time SAP data, delivering powerful insights to the business in an automated, easy-to-use way.  Search SAP data from Salesforce on-demand with our end-to-end reporting solution.

Game Changing Approach. Extraordinary Results.

Purpose-built with Simplicity in Mind.
We make it easy for Salesforce Developers and Admins to unlock data and business process within SAP without having to understand the ins and outs of the ERP Application.  Salesforce developers simply click, drag and drop in a Lightning App Builder – no coding necessary.

Accelerate Time to Value
Most SAP and Salesforce Integration projects take 6+ months. Because our solution is pre-built, and doesn’t require complex front-end coding, middleware, ETL tools, data mapping or syncing, we can have you up and running in as little as a day.  Now that’s smart!

Improved Data Accuracy Means Better Customer Experience
The enosiX SAP Customer 360 App provides real-time access to your SAP data giving your Salesforce users a single source of truth.  Service your customers better and sell more! It’s that easy!

Unmatched Scalability and Lower TCO
Leverage the enosiX framework to easily extend the solution and deliver new functionality to the business with lightning speed.  Keep overhead to a minimum and reduce technical debt – optimizing the ROI on your integration strategy.

Improve Efficiencies and Productivity
Eliminate manual tasks including redundant data entry practices.  Speed quote-to-cash processing times. Increase sales and improve customer service.

  • Native Lightning Applications delivered via Salesforce AppExchange

  • No cloud components, hardware or infrastructure

  • No custom objects created in Salesforce

  • Unified integration at the application level of SAP

  • SAP ECC and S/4 HANA Certified

  • Configured via Lightning App Builder – Drag and Drop functionality

  • Salesforce Process Builder Integration

  • Mobile compatible using Salesforce Flows and Quick Actions