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Ringier AG, operates as a media company. It publishes newspapers, magazines, ePapers, and eMagazines. The company also operates various radio and TV stations; and e-commerce, Web, and mobile platforms, as well as organizes various events, such as concerts, fashion shows, and music events. In addition, it creates and produces modern radio programs and TV formats; supports the expansion of e-commerce services and online classifieds platforms, as well as provides printing services. The company was founded in 1833 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.


Ringier accounts and their related opportunities resided in Salesforce and as the opportunities closed, there was not a seamless way to integrate this data to the backend SAP Customer Master Record and the Sales order in SAP. This created a huge gap in the processes, creating problems like:

  • The same data being re-keyed in two systems, causing delayed sales order processing and errors during data entry.
  • The complexity of entering sales orders and customer information into the highly customized SAP IS-Media solution caused lengthy ramp up times of up to 3 months for onboarding new Sales Service representatives.
  • Lack of front end Salesforce visibility was a major cause for concern to the Sales people who had to constantly reach out to the accounting department for the information.


Ringier AG implemented the ensoiX framework for SAP IS-Media and Salesforce integration in less than 4 weeks. The real time integration between Salesforce and SAP now allows them to:

  • Create SAP Customers, Contacts and Prospects directly from Salesforce Accounts without having to rekey any of the common data between the two systems.
  • Sales Service representatives are now able to create sales orders in SAP from closed/won Opportunities in Salesforce.
  • The integration takes into account the complexities of the media ordering and pricing process in SAP and copies over all the relevant information from the Salesforce opportunity to the sales order in SAP.


The customer facing sales people, the sales service representatives and the back office accounting division are all in sync.

  • Errors in data entry due to “double entry” are now non-existent.
  • Cycle time between the opportunity being closed in Salesforce to the customer and the Salesorder being created in SAP have been reduced.
  • Sales Service and Sales representatives now have the complete 360 degree view of the customer thanks to the real time visibility to the Salesorder, invoice and credit status in SAP.



MARKET: Global

SIZE: 6500 Employees

Sales Cloud and Salesforce1
enosiX Framework and Enterprise Edition