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The Cologne transporting enterprises corporation (KVB) operates the urban bus routes and the light rail Cologne. The KVB AG are among 10% directly to the city of Cologne, the remaining 90 % indirectly via the Stadtwerke Köln. The KVB is a member of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV).


Technicians deployed to maintain facilities around the city had no real-time transparency into any service order related information causing:

  • Lack of visibility to the status of order processes
  • Inefficient service order confirmation process
  • Lack of access to documentation and forms for on site equipment


A native service order app with intuitive user interface, with intuitive creation of new service notifications was developed and called Service Management for Active Repairs resulting in:

  • Usability – intuitive user interface maximizing user adoption and scalability
  • Communication – comprehensive service notification process automation
  • Management – heightened visibility into order process status


The end results meant greater efficiency for KVB including:

  • Comprehensive service notification process automation
  • Confirmation of work reduced to the minimum and relevant entries
  • Transparent status of order processes
  • Functional locations structure in a clearly arranged view and depth


INDUSTRY: Logistics and Public Transport

MARKET: Germany

SIZE: 3000+ Employees

Windows Phone 8.1 App
enosiX Framework