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Davey Tree

The Davey Tree Expert Company, is an American multinational employee-owned corporation that provides tree, utility, lawn care, and environmental consulting services in the green industry throughout the United States and Canada. It is the largest residential tree care company in North America and was founded in 1880 making it the first national tree care company.


Davey Expert tree company needed an accounts receivable solution to meet the many needs of their customers such as:

  • The solution must be PCI compliant
  • Offer the ability to accept credit cards and echecks
  • Accept payments using IVR phone system


Implementation of CNBS WebAR and enosiX to meet all requirements:

  • Ability to retrieve and pay invoices on any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone)
  • 100% PCI compliant solution with built-in integration with Paymetric XI Intercept
  • Scalable solution allowing Davey Tree to add new organizations with minimal configuration changes


The results have been astounding :

  • Solution was immediately adopted by customers at go live before the new portal was even announced
  • Intuitive interface and design promoted ease of use for new and existing customers
  • A 100% SAP integrated solution.


INDUSTRY: Tree/Lawn Care

MARKET: United States/Canada

SIZE: 8000+ Employees

Windows 8.1 App for Tablets
enosiX Framework