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CIO’s Guide To The New Economics Of Real-Time Integration

CEOs’ decisions today to pursue digital-first strategies for greater revenue growth are defining their company’s competitive strengths in the future. CIOs and their teams are being challenged to drive a larger percentage of revenue growth in 2017 than ever before by providing IT-based insights daily. Enabling faster revenue growth, improving products and replacing obsolete technologies […]

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Five Strategies For Improving Customer Relationships Using Salesforce Integration

Bottom line: Defining salesforce integration strategies from the customers’ perspective that streamline every aspect of their relationship with your company drives greater revenue, earns trust and creates upsell and cross-sell opportunities in the future. In the most competitive selling situations the company that has exceptional insights into what matters most to prospects and customers win […]

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The Future Of Integration Is Being Defined By Scalable, Service-Oriented Architectures

Accelerating every business process that impacts customers is more important than moving the data around that supports them. The key to winning customers is giving them excellent experiences based on real-time, accurate and contextual data that stays in step with them over time. Gaining new insights into how every business process impacts a customer is […]